Hills are Helpful

I miss the bike trails around the Des Moines area. And the nice, flat paths. BRAMCO was last weekend – the annual Bike Ride Around Madison County. My style of biking is 7-10 mile stretches followed by a stop for a cold beer. BRAMCO, however, was not that kind of ride. Don’t get me wrong … More Hills are Helpful

Mystery Plants

It’s time to get serious about what I’m growing, both in my garden and in the many flower beds around the property. It’s fantastic that the previous owners were ambitious in their planting endeavors, but frustrating now because I have no idea what is/is not a weed. Creeping Charlie is an easy one and I’ve … More Mystery Plants


A few weeks ago I watched a Facebook Live from Living the Country Life featuring a chance to take the #MonarchChallenge. You sign up, they send you milkweed, you plant it. Easy enough! Apparently milkweed is the only plant that monarch butterfly larvae feed on, so it’s kind of big deal for their survival. It … More Butterflies!

Taming the Beast

It’s amazing what I can get done while avoiding things that actually need to get done. On today’s agenda: The Garden. The folks that built this house had a nifty raised bed in place, so of course I went all in. Note to self for next year – garden markers are a requirement. I remember … More Taming the Beast