Stop Buying, Start Working

What woodworking has already taught me is that it’s really fun to buy things. I have a few key projects I’ve selected – that simple but pain in my @ss workbench, a compost bin, and Adirondack chairs. And, I now have all the materials to start these projects but have yet to begin. Basically I’ve procrastinated by shopping. And biking. Lots of biking.

Two places I’ve discovered that have already drained my bank account: and the Woodsmith store in Des Moines. Both are equally fun ways to needlessly spend money. Lee Valley at least had those stupid s-type clips that I need for the workbench, and I found a vice I liked at the Woodsmith store. Lots of other things, too, like random pieces of exotic wood. Obviously as a novice woodworker that’s scared to use a table saw, I’ll need that at some point.

On a positive note, the nice folks at did tell me how to solve a riddle. I have a table saw, I have a 4×8 sheet of MDF, and I’m building a workbench. Said workbench, however, is also going to be the outfeed table. When I started thinking about the logistics of cutting the sheet of MDF without an outfeed table, I realized I had a problem. Don’t kid yourself – the first problem was me trying to load that thing into my truck in the Home Depot parking lot – I hope that’s not on video. But the problem of how to cut the sheet is now solved. I bought a 2″ 4×8 foam board, will place the MDF on this board, and hope by circular saw can do the job.

Tonight would have been a great night to actually start woodworking, but instead I am updating this blog. You’re welcome. This weekend, though, I’m really going to start. For real.

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