My Kitten is No Longer Named Daisy

I have a kitten. No, I don’t particularly like cats. And no, it’s not coming in the house. But it will be a mouser. That’s at least my plan. The neighbor kid brought it over, told me it was a girl, and I allowed him to name it Daisy. However, at the first vet visit, I was told it was a boy so have aptly renamed him Killer. It makes me giggle every time I call for Killer and this adorable kitten comes hopping over. Thus far, Sammy the dog hasn’t tried to eat it so I consider this a success on all accounts.

Taking care of a cat that turns into a badass mouse killer seems like a better option than putting out some type of mouse or rat poison, or setting traps. My dog loves both cheese and peanut butter so mouse traps seem like a really bad idea.

Things I’ve learned about having an outdoor cat:

  1. Unlike dogs, you don’t give them a monthly preventative, you just automatically de-worm them every few months. Gross, but apparently they like to eat rabbit turds. Also gross.
  2. Also unlike dogs, you can fill a food bowl and they will only eat what they need. What!? My dog would eat a 40 pound bag of food if I left him to his own vices.
  3. That’s all I’ve learned.

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