Hills are Helpful

I miss the bike trails around the Des Moines area. And the nice, flat paths. BRAMCO was last weekend – the annual Bike Ride Around Madison County. My style of biking is 7-10 mile stretches followed by a stop for a cold beer. BRAMCO, however, was not that kind of ride. Don’t get me wrong – it was great fun, but man, it was 45 miles of hard riding. The 25 mph sustained wind didn’t help. At times, I was pedaling downhill. Like, pedaling hard just to make it down. Not cool. I’ve not ridden these kind of hills for some time, but have been inspired to get out there more often. It’s frightening riding on roads, especially when you have to share it with both cars and farm equipment, but I survived. And now I must get more involved with the Madison County Cycle Club.

Saturday was the Baccoon Ride around the Raccoon River Trail in Des Moines. I made it 71 of 77 miles (I know, I know, but the sag wagon was so tempting!) and there were multiple stops with both bacon and beer. Less of a workout and more of a party on two wheels, definitely more my style.

There are nearly 200 miles on my new bike which is probably more than I rode all last year. I’m digging this gravel bike (Specialized Diverge) and just put on a rack and picked up some panniers off Craigslist. Next time there are no organized stops on the route, I’ll supply my own fun. Next up is a speaker, but I need to do a lot more research on that one. It has to be loud and hold a charge!

The picture of me smiling and waving is obviously before I hit those hills.

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