Mystery Plants

It’s time to get serious about what I’m growing, both in my garden and in the many flower beds around the property. It’s fantastic that the previous owners were ambitious in their planting endeavors, but frustrating now because I have no idea what is/is not a weed. Creeping Charlie is an easy one and I’ve pulled up every last vine that I can find. The other stuff…not so much. If you have done a lot of landscaping and decide to move, take the time to provide the new owner the layout of the land. I suppose as a buyer I should have asked, but it was winter, so I’m giving myself a pass.

I just spent some time on Carolee’s site, She’s putting me to shame, ha! But it’s absolutely beautiful and and inspiration for future years. And by future, I mean at least five. She’s put in some serious work. So, I’m looking at you, Carolee, when I ask the following questions.

This is the package of seeds that I used, and what’s now growing. The good news is, this stuff is growing like mad. 1 point to Big Red. The bad news is I’m still not sure if it’s edible and if it is, when to harvest. 1 point to the garden. Why don’t the seed packages provide harvest information in addition to planting details?


In one of the flower beds, I have two plants. Pretty sure one is some type of mint (image on the left) and I can use the leaves, but the spines have soft thorns (is that a thing? I’m making it a thing) and it’s somewhat frightening. Neither the spearmint or peppermint images I’ve found seem to have this. Thanks a lot, Google. The second plant (image on the right) is a complete mystery. I don’t think it’s a weed since it was seemingly strategically placed in the bed. But, it’s not exactly aesthetically pleasing. Patience isn’t my greatest virtue; it’s possible this ugly duckling will become a swan in coming months. I’m skeptical. It’s also becoming obvious I’m a novice.

One thought on “Mystery Plants

  1. Lovely seed package, but your crop is definitely a member of the cole/cabbage/brassica family. Time will tell which one, collards? kohlrabi? I still can’t be sure from the photograph. I’m very surprised that you would not get the correct crop from Seeds of Change as they are a great company and I’ve never had a problem like that with their seeds. Any chance you could have mislabeled and the spinach is actually in another row? I HAVE done that before! 🙂 The bottom left photo looks like a monarda, which has square roughish stems and slightly fuzzy/coarse leaves, but I wouldn’t term anything on monarda “thorns.” The one on the right I’d guess coneflower. Can’t wait for them to bloom to see if I am right. Looking at photos is so much harder than real leaves.


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