Taming the Beast

It’s amazing what I can get done while avoiding things that actually need to get done. On today’s agenda: The Garden. The folks that built this house had a nifty raised bed in place, so of course I went all in. Note to self for next year – garden markers are a requirement. I remember being at Breedings (the local, awesome hardware store) and not being able to find the markers, then thinking to myself, “Oh, I’ll remember what I planted.” Rookie mistake.

There’s a lot of stuff growing, but I’m not certain what it is…which makes weeding quite difficult. Today’s task involved lots of online research to see if I could match images to the stuff appearing in my garden, and I was semi successful. The plants in the lower left corner of the image are supposed to be spinach, but it doesn’t really look like spinach. Help!? Should I just eat a leaf and see what happens? That’s Big Red’s style, no doubt. I’ve also realized that even if I remember where I planted things, I have absolutely no idea when to harvest.

At least it looks presentable after my efforts today. It’s very possible that I’m just growing weeds. Time will tell.


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