Simple, Sturdy Workbench

Simple, my @ss. The instructions say this little workbench is easy and inexpensive to build. They are LIARS. Maybe not, maybe I just have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve done a great job at acquiring tools, but quickly realized I needed a workbench more than anything. My grand plans for this holiday weekend were to build said workbench. I have failed.

What I have done is make a trip to Home Depot to purchase the necessary supplies. Most of the stuff I’m familiar with, except for two key things. First, S-clip-type tabletop fasteners. Is this some magical piece only available in woodworking specialties shops? I’m only guessing because the nice folks at Home Depot told me so. Second, the woodworking vise that’s supposed to go on one end of the table. Terms associated with the vise that I honestly have no idea what they mean, include: non-marring wooden jaws, dog holes, rear jaw, front jaw…say what?!

Also, I had no idea how heavy this sheet of MDF would be. For those watching me trying to load this beast into my truck in the parking lot, it must have been entertaining. For the guy that finally took pity on me and helped, THANK YOU. It’s now in my wood shop, but I don’t have a clue how I’m going to cut this thing up. No, really. It might just lean against the wall for a few years.

Instead of building anything, I just watched more videos to try to learn what this stuff means. Slow progress, but still progress.


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