A few weeks ago I watched a Facebook Live from Living the Country Life featuring a chance to take the #MonarchChallenge. You sign up, they send you milkweed, you plant it. Easy enough! Apparently milkweed is the only plant that monarch butterfly larvae feed on, so it’s kind of big deal for their survival.

It seems strange to want to plant milkweed; I’m pretty sure I hacked it out of fields growing up on the farm. But whatevs, I like monarchs. BASF Living Acres sent two boxes of goodies – one was the milkweed itself, and the other had a hose, gloves, and some instructional materials that I promptly discarded.  Yesterday I scoped out a few places on my property that seemed appropriate, and planted away. I’m kind of excited to see this come to fruition. Here, butterflies…

Side note – I think my gate into the park needs some work.


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